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New Construction Permits Granted

Coming soon, St. George, Utah!

Christian Radio is a wonderful tool that facilitates the sharing of the Word of God far and wide. The signal from a broadcast station propagates like light across wide areas, carrying a message of hope to a world struggling in darkness. It is an essential tool for ministering to people and engaging our culture with a Christ-centered worldview that stands for truth.

Advance Ministries, through Your Celebration Radio Network and Alive FM, is committed to sharing the good news throughout the southwest. We have experienced the faithfulness of our God as we have moved forward, by faith, as God has opened doors. To this end, during a recent FCC filing window, which was the first in 15 years, we applied for several new full power stations in the southwest.

One of the first to be granted was our application for St. George, Utah! This station will have the ability to reach nearly 200,000 people who live and work in the area, and 4.3 million more who travel the area to visit Zion or Bryce Canyon National Parks. In fact, attendance to Zion has increased 60% over the last decade.

The picture above was taken on Seegmiller Mountain, which has a high vantage point for reaching a wide area, including St. George, which Debbie is pointing to in the valley below. The signal will also reach Washington, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona.

Please pray for this project, there is a lot of work and equipment needed to complete this wonderful opportunity. So far, $21,972 has been raised of the more than $60,000 needed. What a powerful beacon of hope this will be for Southern Utah!

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