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St George: Running for the Finish Line!

Our St George (KSGU 89.9 FM) tower crew on site with Miss Debbie

Thanks to your prayers and financial support, St George is nearly ready to sign on the air! The antenna is now on the tower and transmitter and related equipment has been installed in the building. The final step is the connection of power to our transmitter, so please keep this project in your prayers!

Jesus tells us to go out into all the world and share the gospel. In Mark 16:15 Jesus said:

"Go out into the world and preach the gospel to every creature . . . "

At times we may feel as though there is not much we can do to counter the darkness that is deepening across our culture today. What was considered unacceptable just a few years ago is now being promoted as the norm. As followers of Jesus, we are commanded to go and share the good news that brings hope to all who will listen. Your prayers and partnership with this ministry allows us to share this message through the powerful tool of Christian broadcasting. Soon, due to your prayers and financial outreach, a new light will shine from Seegmiller mountain, near St, George, Utah. Our newest station, KSGU, will be signing on to share a message of hope and encouragement! Join us in praying that many lives will be impacted!

KSGU, St George transmitter during assembly onsite with Miss Debbie / Treehouse One

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gerald sr
gerald sr
May 22

May God richly bless His work in you!


scott meachum
scott meachum
Nov 04, 2023

Praise God for reaching the many people that are confused by the enemy and the LDS false religion, this is eternal life changing

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