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Christian Broadcasters Convention

Every year NRB unites Christian communicators from around the world!

The National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, Tennessee drew over 3,400 media professionals to learn, network and forge partnerships. The mission? To equip, engage, advocate for and encourage Christian communicators!

Opening session keynote speaker, Michael Youssef, PhD (pictured at the podium), president of Leading The Way, illuminated the importance of preaching the “uncompromised message that salvation is through faith alone and in Christ alone.”

E.W. Jackson, founder and president of STAND Foundation, delivered a powerful address to close the event. “No one can take America out of the hands of God as long as we Christians will stand up for it,” said Jackson. “We’ve got something worth standing up for. We’ve got something worth fighting for.” All left with a renewed sense of courage and purpose to impact our culture for Jesus Christ.

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