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TreeHouse One is a Christian children's radio program perfect for afternoons when school is out. Full of fun music and stories, and focused on discipleship, TreeHouse One is a great way to get children engaged with God's Word in a fun and interactive way.

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Treehouse One is a unique radio program designed to meet the spiritual needs of children as they discover what following Jesus is all about. This two-hour program, hosted by Miss Debbie, features Focus on the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey. Each program features a daily Bible question where Miss Debbie points children to the Word of God for the answer.  

Each Bible question intentionally opens a dialog to get young listeners to think about practical ways to honor God through their choices. The overall goal is to instill godly wisdom and promote good character. It’s no surprise that children today are pressured to conform to a culture that endorses ideas contrary to the Word of God. As parents, we know you want to raise up your children to make moral choices that will lead them toward honorable, successful living. We want to support you in reinforcing God’s Word as the standard.  


“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
—Proverbs 22:6

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Scripture Memory List Where's my Treasur

The "Where's My Treasure"
Scripture List

Born from a seemingly unlikely place, TreeHouse One has been encouraging children to memorize the Word of God for years using the categorical structure of this list. Weekdays on TreeHouse One children are heard sharing the scripture that they have hidden in their heart.

Adventures in Odyssey Background Illustration

Adventures in Odyssey 

 Adventures in Odyssey is an audio drama series created for ages 8-12 and enjoyed by the whole family.  Episodes often start with the grandfatherly Mr. Whittaker (“Whit”), who runs an ice cream shop called Whit’s End. They last an average of twenty-five minutes and bring biblical principles to life, through a balance of fun, faith, and imagination.

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Image by Marjan Blan | @marjanblan
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