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Fall 'Share the Light' Pledge Drive

We are delighted to see God’s faithfulness on full display during Your Celebration Radio Network’s Fall Pledge Drive!

Thanks to your generous support, we surpassed our $60,000 goal for the St. George project and have already ordered most of the equipment needed. Just as encouraging is the fact that 22 new individuals joined our Airteam and have committed to give monthly.

In a world that is getting darker by the day, we are seeing more followers of Jesus putting their faith into action to counter the prevailing winds of culture.

It is truly remarkable to witness how God uses His people to accomplish His work and bring about transformation in the lives of others!

“You are the salt of the earth...” (Jesus, Matthew 5:13)

New Equipment is rolling in—literally!

During the Share the Light Fall Pledge Drive, we received the remaining $20,000 needed toward our $60,000 goal for St. George.

Most everything has been ordered and equipment is beginning to show up!

Your continued prayers for this project are appreciated very much!

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