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Hope is Born

Christmas means hope . . . hope for a better future. After a year of unique challenges, we are looking for hope. A sign that all we have experienced; the fear, the uncertainty, the instability, will be soon passing. A hope for a better tomorrow.

Over two thousand years ago, people were looking for a sign of a better future. Although the coming of the Messiah had been prophesied throughout the old testament, most missed the significance of the unusual events transpiring in the city of Bethlehem, as hope broke through the darkness and forever transformed our world. Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Today, it is still easy to miss the real meaning of the season. The holiday festivities, many of which have little to do with the real meaning of Christmas, often take center stage. Our hope, however, is found in the sacrifice Jesus made for us, hope born through a humble virgin, laid in a manger, and eventually, nailed to a cross. And the angel said, he will be named Jesus, for he will save the people from their sin.

The powerful message of Christmas, especially during difficult times like these, continues to shine bright reminding us of God’s love for us. Scripture tells us that Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. Have you pondered the real meaning and significance of Christmas today?

What a gift God has given us. If anyone has a reason for hope, as followers of Jesus, we do. If ever there was a gift to celebrate, this is it! And like that star, over 2000 years ago, we can point people to Jesus!

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