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Let Your Voice Be Heard

Do we really need to get involved in the messy world of politics? It’s easy to look at the current climate of our nation and come to the conclusion that it’s better to just stay out of it. Because political engagement has been extremely toxic, as Christians it’s better to focus our energy toward more spiritual pursuits...but is that really the attitude we should have? Does God call us to take the back seat on matters that affect the trajectory of our nation, influencing our children and our children’s children? Christians are called to honor God in every area of their lives and to stand up for the things that matter to Him. Therefore, we should seek to discover what God would have us do, how to be salt and light, and how to pray for our country. We need to be prepared to stand up for truth and “let our light shine before men... that they may glorify your Father in heaven” (Mat. 5:15-16). Engaging in politics is an opportunity to obey God and show love to our neighbors. American Christians, with our right and responsibility to vote, have a unique opportunity to affect the political process and bring God glory and honor.

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