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No Better Time Than RightNow

Your Celebration Radio Network and Alive FM, in partnership with RightNow Media, are offering you free accesses to over 20,000 Christian teaching and discipleship videos. This collection includes over 2,500 videos dedicated to children alone including Adventures in Odyssey, Superbook, Veggie Tales and more! In addition, there are features on Chirstian apologetics, marriage, parenting, discipleship, and many other topics for Christian living. There are also very relevant features addressing COVID-19 concerns, including studies on fear, anxiety and the faithfulness of God. Rightnow Media is like a Christian Netflix, only better, as the programs offered bring a deeper understanding of God’s word and how to live a victorious, Christ centered life. To sign up for Rightnow Media, visit, then click the Rightnow Media link.

Sign up for this free resource at!

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