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Prayer & Praise Thursdays

Thursdays’ Prayer and Praise Day has become a favorite of many! With opportunity to encourage, take prayer requests, and talk with people about some of the countless reasons to praise God, we’ve received numerous calls each Thursday. Notably, Whiteriver, having taken a hard hit from COVID-19, has many calling to request prayer for loved ones. Some call in great sorrow, in need of comforting after losing a family member to the virus. The prayer and praise day sometimes calls for mourning. One Thursday we asked if people would sing Amazing Grace with us when the clock reached 5 pm. Several calls came in from people outside our listening area, telling of their desire to participate. However, the best Thursday yet, was when Dawn called in from Las Vegas and asked us to help explain salvation to her daughter, at which, both Dawn and her daughter, Claire, hungry for the word of God, received Jesus as Saviour and a new Bible!

Most recently, we relished in the opportunity to remind friends to “look up” and “set our minds on things above, not on things on the earth.” It’s been so good connecting with many that we will probably keep up our Prayer and Praise Thursdays even after social distancing is a thing of the past. Thank you for supporting this good station and making the encouraging of others a possibility with your prayers and gifts!

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