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Restoring KNLB’s Main Transmitter Site

Renovation is taking place at our main transmitter site on Henley Peak.

Recently, vandals created a significant amount of damage and loss at our main KNLB transmitter site on Henley Peak. The building was damaged, including the front door, locks, A/C system, CCTV system and the front block wall, which was penetrated from the outside. Duct work for our old A/C system was completely ripped free from the side of the building leaving another gaping hole. In addition, thousands of dollars of transmission equipment was stolen and seriously damaged. Most of the equipment was later recovered from where it had been thrown over the side of the mountain. We have been able to repair a few of the stolen items, however some of it is still inoperable.

After the local Sheriff’s Department visited and wrote up a report, the renovation began to restore the site. Richard of Lake Havasu volunteered his time and skills to repair damage to the exterior wall. Duct work to the existing A/C still needs to be totally reworked or replaced as does the equipment that was stolen and recovered, but is not in working order. A new security camera system featuring 8 new cameras had been installed to replace the 3 cameras that were also damaged by vandals. A new Air Conditioning system has been installed while repairs are being made to the existing duct work. Thank you for your prayers and support as we fight on!!

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