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Your Celebration Radio Network will mark 37 years on the air this 16th day of July. Through the years we have shared a message of hope that shines through difficult and challenging times; a message that leads people to the cross of Christ. Many, with a heart for reaching the lost, have discovered that Christian radio can effectively be their hands and feet to deliver good news. It encourages the believer and gives direction to one looking for answers. Your Celebration Radio Network ministers in hard to reach places and connects with hearts in unique ways. In light of today’s troubles, many are searching for answers. Do you have a heart for reaching the lost? Will you be the hands and feet this week, this month, or in steadfast partnership? Your contribution, whether one time or monthly, will make an eternal impact in someone’s heart and life. Become part of the Air Team with your gift of $25 per month, or more, and as our way of saying thanks, we’ll send you John Burke’s new book, Imagine Heaven. July 6 will begin a week of opportunity as we encourage support for this nonprofit station. Use the enclosed pledge card to make your gift or visit

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