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Yuma County Fair

Lighting the Way!

The Yuma County Fair attracted thousands of people together for loads of fun! From roller coasters to funnel cakes, everyone found something to enjoy.

While entertainment and fun was the primary reason for attending the fair, we know that there are many searching for hope and purpose in life. Our hearts’ desire for being present at events like the Yuma County Fair is to be ready to share about the hope that’s found in Jesus and His word.

We welcomed young and old as they’d pass by and many children stopped to play Secret Combo for their chance to win a prize. Each child was presented with a clue, which was a reading of scripture. Then, we’d guide them in the Bible to find the book, chapter and verse where we would point them to the scripture we just read. The set of numbers they’d find at chapter and verse, would be just the ticket to open their combination lock. One child giggled with excitement saying, “I really love this game!” You could see the wonder and curiosity in his eyes as he was introduced to the Bible for the very first time.

For some, opening a Bible and reading it can be intimidating. With exposure and guidance in navigating the Bible, our hope is that it will become a desired book to read, learn from and live by.

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