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Blythe/Quartzsite Project

It is a long, and often desolate road from Desert Center to Phoenix, Arizona. Soon, however, you will be able to tune into Your Celebration Radio Network on 91.3 FM. If you travel this distance, as millions do each year, you will pass by the Ironwood and Chuckawalla correctional facilities. One of the first letters we received many years ago from Ironwood, described how a little radio signal carried a message of hope into a dark world. The letter was from Steven Price, who found KNLB on his radio, and shared that the music and programming he was receiving was like a ray of light penetrating his dark world. Another inmate shared his request to keep his current cell and bunk, because he could not pick up the signal in many areas of the facility.

The FCC granted Your Celebration Radio Network a construction permit for a new full power station that will increase our signal strength by a hundred fold throughout this area. We have a goal of $35,000 for building this new project.

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