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TreeHouse One
Scripture Memory Challenge!


Get readto be part of something special:
TreeHouse One Scripture Memory Challenge
during our upcoming Spring Pledge Drive, February 26th through March 2nd.

March 1st at 4:30 pm MST, tune in for a captivating 30-minute event where children from our TreeHouse One community will take center stage, quoting memorized scripture live on the radio. Not only does the challenge celebrate their dedication, but it also highlights the profound impact of Christian broadcasting in our lives.


You can play a vital role in supporting this inspiring challenge. By pledging your financial support for each verse quoted during the event, you directly contribute to the continued mission of TreeHouse One and Your Celebration Radio Network. Children can also get involved by gathering support from family, friends, and community members. Encourage them to share the mission of TreeHouse One and invite others in their community to sponsor the challenge.


Together, let's rally behind our young listeners and ensure that the Word of God continues to shine brightly over the airwaves, inspiring and uplifting families across our communities.


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Scripture Memory Challenge!

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