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Interactive Website for Children

It’s true, today’s children are growing up in a world that seems more confused than ever. A darkness clouds a culture that once revered Biblical truth, yet the hyper-connected, digital world we live in also presents unprecedented opportunity for discipleship. It’s this opportunity we want to take advantage of with new interactive Treehouse One experiences.

Countless organizations have built a host of effective digital distractions; we endeavor to create something more. Not just a more positive alternative, but a set of discipleship tools that parents can use to help their children truly engage in their faith. An interactive scripture memory list complete with progress tracking and digital flashcards, a trivia game made from a wealth of past Treehouse One Bible questions, and a fun, child-focused design to connect it all are just some of the ideas being developed.

However, all these efforts are multiplied by one simple ingredient: the involvement of parents and loved ones. By treating programs like Treehouse One and the interactive experiences we’re developing as tools, parents can not only encourage lasting engagement, but build on the faith-based content at their core in other aspects of their child’s life. Elijah Irons

Below are mockups of what the interactive website might soon look like. Please join us in prayer as we design and develop this exciting project!

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