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Keep your heart with all diligence,

for out of it spring the issues of life.

-Proverbs 4:23

Perhaps you’ve heard my young friends reciting this great Bible verse on the radio. It teaches us to keep our hearts from sin, from seeking evil and from turning the dial to a radio station that might deliver the wrong message.

It challenges us to steer clear of the wrong types of movies or YouTube videos that don’t bring glory to God. With evil options all around us, the one thing that can keep us from choosing evil stems from what is intentionally planted in our hearts.

It was recently said, “the method often changes, but the message never does.” The message that is clearly spoken in a book, in God’s word, is the key to keeping our children safe from harm. But it must begin in our hearts. It is proven that a child will repeat the words and actions learned by what is seen by others.

Whether we pick up a magazine, tune in a television show or swipe a cell phone, our options are both good and evil. It’s what’s in the heart of every child and adult that will determine where the eyes will fall.

How important is hiding God’s word in our hearts? It’s a matter of life or death. Which will you choose?

-Deborah Eckelbarger

Nona co-hosts with Miss Debbie on Treehouse One

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