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Thanks to your prayers and support, and God’s blessings, KSGU is on the air! Isaiah 12, verse 4 says . . . declare His deeds among the people. Make mention that His name is exalted.

It is remarkable what God has done! What looked very unlikely became a reality through your prayers and God’s faithfulness. When the first application window for new FM stations in 14 years opened, it did not appear likely that we would find a way to apply in a location like St. George, where the FM band is very crowded. For years we have received inquiries from various people about sharing our programming in the St. George area and had no way of doing so without an FM station broadcast license, which are very difficult to acquire.

Near the end of 2021, a five-day window was open for applicants to apply for new FM stations, however, it looked as if nothing was available in St. George. Yet, God impressed upon us just hours before the FCC window would close, which could be for another ten years or more, to take a closer look. Amazingly, a channel was found, on a certain tower, however a letter was needed from the tower owner to show site assurance. What are the chances of receiving that before the window closed in a few minutes? I did not even know who to call, but somehow I found a number and a lady answered the telephone. She said, “I’ll email it in a few minutes” And she did! When it was time to make site arrangements, and after failing to reach anyone by phone, God put me in front of the man who was familiar with the Seegmiller Tower site—we were both nearly 2,000 miles from our homes attending the Christian broadcasters convention in Nashville Tennessee. And how about those call letters? Our KSGU call letters became available early this year, giving us the opportunity to make them our own. This is a testimony of God working through your prayers! HE IS GOOD!!

The new station covers all of St. George and the surrounding area including Ivins, Santa Clara, Washington, Hurricane, and Colorado City, and extends up Interstate 15 to Leeds, Pintura, and parts of Cedar City. Thank you for investing in sharing God’s word through Christian broadcasting!

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