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Elijah to College!

Elijah Irons has assisted behind the scenes of Treehouse One for over 6 years. He began listening to Treehouse One at an early age, and then began working part-time answering telephones and as a production assistant. Soon, he will be attending Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, where he will be studying computer science.

Do you recall the words “Papa is coming, and bringing his BIG Yellow Hummer”? This, in the TreeHouse One intro, is the voice and heart of Elijah. Long before he began working at KNLB, he was an avid listener of Treehouse One and a friend of Miss Debbie. He has learned production, editing, and really enjoys talking to children when they call to share with Miss Debbie.

Elijah also hopes to spend time in Japan and has researched the culture, learned some of the language and even estimated the costs to make his dream a reality. He’ll be missed here, by Miss Debbie especially, and by the many friends, he’s made. “Thank you, Elijah, for your zeal for life and your great smile. We wish you well in a wonderful future that God has for you!!” -Your friends at KNLB!

Above is Elijah when he began working for KNLB in 2015.

This is Elijah before he heads off to college in 2020.

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