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Forty Years Strong!

You may have heard. Your Celebration Radio Network is now 40 years strong. Our first station, KNLB, signed on the air, Saturday, July 16th, 1983 with a vision of reaching a community of approximately 27, 000. And so, people like you began supporting this radio ministry. Those pioneers had no idea how God would use their investments to reach so many more today.

As God continues to move the tent pegs out a little further, expanding this ministry with time, we thank you for your investment in reaching the lost and encouraging the Christian through this conduit of the life-giving Gospel. We encourage you to read of this station’s beginnings on our website, And while you’re there, please consider a generous gift of support by clicking on the donate button. Or send your tax-deductible gift to the address on the back side of this newsletter. Thank you!

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